Direct sales advertising

Direct sales advertising


You are looking at direct sales advertising or maybe you are looking for ways to generate leads to your business in order to get some more exposure. And so maybe you are looking at this article perhaps you are in a MLM or direct sales or network marketing home based business opportunity or whatever you wanna call it.

These four tips that you can see here I have gathered for over four years of experience in the direct sales and network marketing industry.

So I’m gonna jump right into them. The first thing is, there are two different types of advertising. So first you know we’ve got free marketing and next we’ve got paid marketing. They are both kind of self explanatory but I will give an example for each. So free marketing would be sign up to facebook and messaging your friends and family about your direct sales company. The second way is paid marketing which would be using such as twitter ads or facebook advertisements in order to reach people. Now the actual advertising option that we choose really depends on whether we have more time or more money to invest in our business. We’re gonna have to invest one or the other but if you have got more free time it makes more sense to do it for a free strategy but if you more money and actual ongoing budget to spend then I would highly recommend that you do paid marketing. So the third point is, what are you actually doing with people who view your direct sales advertising?

Because if you are not capturing people’s contact information and you are not following up with them the truth is you are leaving a lot of money on the table because the majority of people need to see your product, your service, your business at least seven times before they make a decision. I don’t know if that’s a real statistics or not but it kind of make sense to me that if I was viewing something for the first time I pretty wouldn’t buy it right away.

I would do some research, you know, maybe I would ask a few people and then I would purchase. Very rarely do I look at something and at the first chance of viewing it I would purchase there on the net, so it’s the same in your business and maybe you would have to look for ways to capture people’s contact information and have enough patience to follow up the process. The final point is, you wanna secure your business and outsource.

Now you can really only do this with paid marketing but as a good starting point you can go to is a great place where you can hire people to do one off job for $5.00 but if you do outsourcing from early on then you will be able to free up your time and do more things in your business like closing of sales or spending more time with your family, doing things that really matters, that is really gonna improve your life and your business.