Filing Insurance basic steps for processing your claim

Filing Insurance basic steps for processing your claim

Filing Insurance

Filing Insurance is one of the most demanding situation. We want to give you some tips today that will eliminate some of the against. There are basically three steps to the process.

Filing Insurance Step one

The first one is really simple, you need to get to that insurance agent who wrote the policy for you and get them to submit the claim. That begins the whole process.

Filing Insurance Step two

Step two would be identifying damaged property versus undamaged property and taking an inventory. Taking photos would be very helpful especially if there is some material the community is gonna make you dispose of before the adjuster gets there. If you have contents coverage good time to start looking for receipts if they are available. This will be very helpful in establishing values.

Filing Insurance Step Three

The third step and equally as important is to work with the adjuster to create what we call a “proof of loss form.” The insurance policy itself requires that a proof of loss document be submitted to the company within 60 days of the date of loss. The adjuster will do most of the work on this but it is your responsibility to sign it and see that it gets filed. Basically its going to inventory the damage process and give an estimated value. A lot of people have a mortgage listed on their flood insurance policy.

Any damage or any check that we issue for damage to the building is gonna have to include them as a payee so before you get to that point it might be a good suggestion to contact your bank and ask them,

“What is the process when you do deliver a check that has both your name and their name on it?”

“At what point will you get funds so that you can actually get a contractor?”

Those are good questions to ask the bank. If you have contents coverage ask the adjuster,

“Can you get an advance?”

because you’re entitled to it there is no bank involved on contents coverage, generally. They can issue you a check, it will not have a bank on it and it will give you an opportunity to start doing what you need to do.

Again, I’m very sorry that you have had this loss and I know it’s an extremely stressful time. Hopefully these tips are putting you in a better position to manage your claim and to get that claims check as soon as you possibly can.