Home sales training for your organization

Home sales training for your organization


Yet, I’m not just a strategist; I’m also a teacher…. And I’m pretty sure the reason you’re watching this video right now is that… you’re trying to figure out what’s the right new home sales training for your organization.

I’m excited you’re going through the evaluation process, and finding the right educational program is a major step toward unlocking your sales team’s potential. And to simplify your decision making process and get you on the road to real success and profits, I’m going to explain our teaching system and our training process.

Our company’s educational approach is simple, effective, results-driven…and it has an intense focus for a return on your investment. Our private training sessions have transformed new-home sales teams nationally and internationally.

And the results have been predictable: Success and Mega-Profits…. And I’ll assume you’re interested in that kind of outcome. But before we get to your success and your mega-profits, I want to introduce you to our teaching methodology…because how we teach you and your staff is critical to how effectively you and your team learns The core of our in-house, private training session with your company can be found in three words: authenticity, personalization, and customization.

What do I mean by authenticity and personalization? Quite simply… I do not send a facilitator to train you and your staff. Are you asking what’s a facilitator? A facilitator is best described as a substitute teacher.

Please be assured you won’t have a substitute teacher. You won’t have someone other than myself conducting the training on my behalf. Bottom line…I create the sales training personally and I will show up personally to deliver the material…one on one, face-to-face…with your team in real time.

And when I promise delivery in real time…. that means no pre-recorded, video modules… all the sessions are live…. And all are highly interactive. Thus, no substitute teachers or pre-recorded modules allowed…. I’m your teacher and the teacher is always in class…to guide you every step of the way.

I know of no better, more effective, more lasting way to ignite, inspire and equip your team for immediate success, than real-time training with a real-time teacher.

Now lets talk about customization. After you select your dates and secure our services, you’re immediately sent a comprehensive questionnaire that helps us to gain a better understanding of your company, your team, and your unique goals. Only after I fully analyze the questionnaire will we schedule a conference call…by phone, or by Skype…to further uncover your unique…one of a kind needs… So between the questionnaire and our reflective conversations we will develop a highly customized educational session tailored exactly to your requirements. Also, during our conversation we’ll determine the appropriate workbooks and teaching materials for your team. … And the best part about the materials…they’re always included …there is never an additional charge for these invaluable sales tools. Now…it’s the day before the training…if this is my first visit to your company…

I arrive early enough to spend a few quality hours one-on-one with you. I like to visually assess your sales center and some of your model homes to fully customize and personalize the conference with your team. And of course, the following day after evaluation, I’ll personally deliver the live session…and be assured it will be highly motivational, fast paced and fun…. And it will incorporate today’s leading edge tactics for selling to an Internet savvy homebuyer!

It’s a true Maximum Download! But wait…we are not through yet …at the conclusion of the program I won’t be rushing away to catch a flight to my next engagement. I promise not to rush away… After our full day of training and education, we’ll have an early dinner. We’ll relax and analyze the days session and all the team members…. and we’ll determine the appropriate next steps you should take to fully integrate and reinforce what’s been taught… So, you’ll be left with a plan to increase the number of new homes sold …You’ll have a blueprint for profit-driven performance…In short, you’ll have a road-map for success. And as far as reinforcement…. remember, you get free copies of our best selling books and access to our YouTube Channel with over 100 videos for your team’s ongoing education…. and it’s all included at no additional cost … I said it before…and I’ll reinforce it again… our company’s approach is simple, effective, results-driven…and it has an intense focus for a return on your investment. And by following this approach we can help carry your company to extraordinary levels of profitably.

So, what’s the next step to giving your team the tools to crack the code to profitable sales success in today’s marketplace? The next step is yours. Pick up the phone and call me…click on the link below to email me…It doesn’t matter how you take the step…just that you take it. Because in todays rapidly changing market …your opportunity to succeed is NOW.

But please keep mind, because I deliver these highly tailored educational sessions personally, my calendar is normally booked months in advance…. so, don’t waste another minute of your profitable future. Call or click now… I guarantee you’ll feel confident with the results.

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