living life on your own terms

living life on your own terms


If you want to quit your job and start living life on your own terms you’re going to have to grow up and understand three simple truths.

1. you’ve got to take it no one’s gonna give it to you look you need to stop living re-actively this means stop living life like your pinball getting hit back and forth by everyone and everything else.

What do you really want with your life really what you want who you want to be what do you want to spend your time doing what makes you happy and fulfilled how do you want your data look where do you want to live how do you want to live figure out who you want to be and then start living proactively and spending your time going after that with everything you have right.

2. You’ve got to use your collateral now if you’re looking for to quit your job it’s likely that you have a few ideas of how you want to do that maybe going to flip houses maybe you’re gonna open up a gas station maybe you’re gonna sell products on Amazon whatever but it’s gonna fail if you don’t have the collateral to back it up what is collateral well it’s the term used in Cal Newport’s book “So good they can’t ignore you” that kind of means knowledge, experience, all those things you’ve acquired in a given industry and too many people try to start a business without the collateral and then end up broke or worse let me give an example I’ve been invested in real estate now for a decade i know how to find, analyze, finance deals i know how to flip houses.

I know how to manage tenants but if I suddenly decided to open up a burger joint because it sounds fun my lack of collateral is going to kill me I don’t know anything about burgers but could I open a roofing company well there’s a better chance of that because i have some collateral on that so maybe you want to open up across the gym or a plumbing company or a music studio or whatever before you do ask yourself do you have the necessary collateral the fastest way to quit your job is to use the collateral you’ve built up at your job to start getting paid for it maybe that means freelancing or jumping into a related field but it doesn’t mean jumping into something that you have no idea what you’re doing play with your strengths and use the clutter you have or start building collateral today all right.

3. If you’re good at your business doesn’t mean you’re good at business there’s a big difference between making a latte and owning a coffee shop yet time at the time individuals who happened to be good at a certain trait try to open a business that in that field but they fail but Brandon you say didn’t you just tell me to use a collateral we have to open a business but yes and a coffee shop is a pretty great business for a barista to open if the barista is willing to learn the skills needed to run it called business management is management is a skill which means it can be learned so the plumber who wants to open a plumbing company should spend more time learning how to run a business than fix the leak a fitness coach who wants to go on their own to spend more time learning how to market themselves and organize their paperwork than learning how to the latest training technique a barista should spend more time learning how to grow a coffee shop and less time learning how to make a perfect latte for more on this concept of course make sure to read the great book the e-myth revisited by Michael Gerber it will change your life.

4. as this embrace the day-to-day grind the problem with most entrepreneurs is not that they lack a plan is that they lack the day-to-day struggle needed to achieve their goals they switch back and forth between ideas every week unsure what the right choices they spend their time working on fun projects like designing business cards are attending conferences rather than spending the 12 to 18 hours a day working on their craft they get bored after a few weeks and they stop hustling so entrepreneurship is not easy but it’s also not impossible it will work if you work it but we’re not cooking a casserole here if not set it and forget it entrepreneurship is day after day week after a week late nights early mornings tough times slow times delayed gratification constantly improving it never giving up and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you a dream.

I’m not about to do that you don’t need a dream you need to get off your butt and put some good old-fashioned work towards quitting your job and even then you might fail because not every business ideas guaranteed to succeed but you will succeed if you’re persistent enough to show up every day and work it.