Making a sale with good old-fashioned customer service

Making a sale with good old-fashioned customer service


I want to let you know that if you have a hard time bumping into folks, we’re going to talk about that today. I’m also going to talk to you about the sales pitch a little bit and this all comes from a program that I’ve called Sales-ability that we’ll be launching this year and it’s the art of actually making a sale with good old-fashioned customer service.

And here’s how it goes.. We all have to bump into people at different points in time, but we all going to make the pitch. Most of us know how to pitch our product, right? I got something I want to tell you how great it is. How many people would feel comfortable enough to talk to somebody that would be interested in your product and tell them all about the good benefits that they could get, right?

That’s something we’re pretty comfortable with and there’s some tweaking we can do with that, but I offer this service, it gives you this emotional benefit, life is good. We call those features, advantages and benefits. If you don’t know what those are, please write those down. Features are nothing more than the stuff of; I’ve got this list of goodies, right. The advantage to you is this, this is what it does, it does all that for you. My car has a steering wheel, so I can drive on the road.

Right? Pretty basic. The benefit is the emotional gain that people get from it and that’s the thing we want to make sure that everybody’s doing.

Today we’re going to take a step backwards from that and say okay after you’ve got the pitch figured out you have to get talking to the right people, and the only way you can do it is by talking to the right people. You’re going to talk to a lot of people and you’re going to prospect, if you will, and kind of feel them all out because they could be suspects, they might be interested, they may not be interested, you’re not really sure, but what can you do to help them understand what it is you can bring them? Because before you pitch, think about it, you walk into a place “Hi my name is Rich Grof.

You want to get some sales training?” See, does that feel right to you? Does that? Doesn’t feel right does it? So we got to have something before that we call that a discovery. In a discovery, you will actually have some questions that will start to, if you will, see a little bit, and find out if people are interested in possibly being talked to about your service.

Now, what kind of questions can you ask? If you have a pre- leading question, just you know, it’s the big question that kind of narrows it down before you even get close to even offering the service or the product that you may have, right, so you have to have something that’s going to get them thinking, and it needs to be a nice, open-ended question that they cannot answer yes or no.

We all have to have those are the leading questions. I’ve given you a sheet here that comes out of one of my manuals, one of the programs, and we’re talking about typical client questions. This is an entire form that you can fill out. If you have never done this type of work you, will want to make sure that you actually fill out this type of form, because it talks about your ideal client, it talks about your slogan, you know, how you get people’s attention, it’s all about the discovery when you’re just first meeting someone. It’s that elevator speech where you say something that gets people’s attention.

Now imagine me, I’m a sales coach right, and I get a little bit of a crazy kind of a humor thing going on, so if I meet somebody in a sales environment it’s different, but if I’m actually in an elevator, literally in an elevator, and somebody says hey how you doing? Great! Ah the weather is fantastic! What you do? Well I’m going to a seminar, or I’m doing this ,or I’m doing that, oh really what do you do for a living? People get curious! If you leave them enough room to get curious and they’re gonna go “oh you’re a sales coach!” I go yeah I help people make ridiculous amounts of money in a short period of time with no extra effort it’s awesome! I got the easiest job in the world!

Like, it doesn’t get any better than this! I’m gonna go really yeah I’ve got a lot of my clients a double their income in a year, it’s awesome! Really are you serious? Give me your card! You know you’ve done it right when they see please give me your card, right? Now when was the last time somebody said give me your card? But you know that’s what you want.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the clients coming to you asking for your service, rather than you chasing and hunting them down? It is not fun to chase somebody, because if you’ve ever noticed this way back in grade school (grade 6 and grade 7) when the boys started chasing the girls, the girls did what? They ran. They ran faster, because they were bigger too..

But you know it’s the old thing of the law of attraction and in chasing. If you’re chasing something to know it’s going to go the other way. It’s just going to happen. If you’re naturally available and ready for something, you’re going to get it. So you have to know that opportunities will come and you have to take that opportunity and seize the opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity.

If you’ve got 30 seconds to make an impression everything counts, and it could be the biggest deal that you’ve ever done.