Self Branding Strategy

Self Branding Strategy


helping you create something awesome today. So today, we’re gonna talk about personal branding and we’re gonna talk about whether you use your actual name or you come up with a new brand name or a company name for your brand and why I think the real answer is that maybe you do both.

There are a lot of reasons that I did this. One, I definitely wanted to establish who I am before I decided that I wanted to establish a company because from my point of view what I wanted is I wanted people to be invested in me and then support anything that I do…

I want people who are personally invested in me, respect me as a subject matter expert, respect what I’m doing to also invest in anything else that I do moving forward.

Some people do this the other way. A lot of people wanna put the business first.

They wanna disassociate themselves from it and that’s fine too. There are a lot of people who don’t want things tied to them for a very specific reason and would rather have it under the moniker of the business and they’d be the operator behind the scenes.

It’s a matter of what your comfort level is and what your objective is. I know that we all have a personal brand that matters and that reputation matters and I wanted to leverage my reputation and my experience in my favor down the road for the long game so I wanted to really build that thoroughly first.

I also wanted the ability to use that to be able to work with other businesses and companies in the future on my name and reputation and just be a Google search away. That was something that I felt would be very important in the long term. It’s worked out very well for me and so I established that personal brand.

Those things are things that will benefit from my personal brand and my reputation in the future but if it wasn’t that I was going to do that then I would go another way. If I was the kinda person that had a lot of people working behind the scenes instead of being a one man band then maybe I would do it in a different way. It really just depends on what your circumstances and what your situation is. The reason that I think that both are valuable is because they tend to be.

We care about people a lot more than we care about a logo. It’s become more important as time goes on for me to put my face out there and for people to react and resonate with a human being and get comfortable with me as an individual than a logo or a monogram and so I think that that’s the direction that things are heading.

I think that social media and video marketing and live streaming and all of these things are pushing us in that direction to where we’re much more comfortable with people than we are with logos and brand names. It’s not to say that those things aren’t valuable and that as you scale, they aren’t important.

They are but I think in combination that they work better together than they do individually but again, that’s my perspective and opinion on it. In terms of coming up with a name, I know it’s something a lot of you struggle with.

The thing is I think about the naming conventions of things based on what you wanna be associated with, what your taglines or catchphrases are, what you’ve already associated with your brand if you’re a personal brand. I mean, that’s where I derive it from but you can do the opposite. You could come up with a company name and then incorporate that into your regular language that you use as an individual. Some people do that.

So I just think it comes down to what best fits your circumstances, your personality, the way you think, the way you communicate and what you think is gonna resonate most with your target audience.

My goal and objective is to educate and motive people and I know to do that, you have to be a motivational figure. You also have to be an effective teacher.

You have to be clear and concise with your information but you also have to be a little bit entertaining and funny and I find that I do that better being laid-back and very open with people and very relaxed and calm than if I were to try to present in a much more buttoned up fashion.

It’s just not something that is comfortable for me. I can be confident and I can present well enough and I’ve done it in my corporate life but it’s not something that I enjoy as much and my passion translates a lot more when I’m being direct and personable with people.

So again, you just gotta find your fit, find your groove and let it work for you.

Don’t try to go against the grain of who you actually are or what you think is appropriate in the context of what you’re doing. Make what you do naturally work for you instead of against you. At least, that’s my advice. Anyway, if you still have questions, leave those in the comment section.